Honey Bees

honey bee

(and the plants who love them)

We decided to add honey bees to our farm in the 2011 season. We purchased the 10 Frame Beginner Beekeeping Kit from Brushy Mt. Bee Farm and an Italian Bee Package and more supplies from New Hampshire Honey Bee

Here’s a video of us hiving our first bee package in 2011:

While doing some research on the history of our farm, we learned that there were orchards of apples such as Blue Pearmain and Golden Russet, and  it also had a cider mill. We have been aggressively pruning most of the large & overgrown apple trees on the property, most of which are still producing apples every year. We purchased some new apple & pear trees Fedco in Maine in April of 2011. The apple trees we chose include Golden Russet, Gray Pearmain, Honeycrisp, and McIntosh. We also purchased a Bartlett pear and Comptesse Clara Frijs pear tree. We are looking forward to this land once again producing delicious apples as well as apple cider in the coming years.

The New Hampshire Honey Bee – Located in Gilsum, New Hampshire, offers a wide variety of beekeeping supplies as well as bee packages and nucs.

Brushy Mt. Bee Farm – Providing a wide variety of kits and supplies for beekeepers.

Valentine & Sons Seed Company – Heirloom seeds, plants & heirloom poultry! Great folks and great seeds, plants & chickens!

Fedco Co-op Garden Supplies – Provides cold-hardy varieties of untreated seeds, trees, bulbs, tubers and more in-season, as well as grower supplies. Located in Waterville, Maine.