First Ever Honey Harvest

We took a 10 frame medium super off our hive a few days ago, and last night I decided to try to extract some honey. We don’t have an extractor, so I just cut the comb and strained all the honey out of one of the frames. It was messy and slow going, but we managed to fill 2 one lb jars, and we let the rest of the honeycomb strain out and managed to get almost another full cup from that! It’s delicious, dark honey… the store stuff* doesn’t even touch REAL pure honey.

(FYI – much of the “pure” honey purchased at the store actually contains additives like (*YUCK!!*) corn syrup that for some reason doesn’t have to be disclosed on the labeling! Nice, eh?)

Here’s more about pure honey and how to tell if the honey you purchase is REALLY pure!  (if you buy your honey from a local beekeeper, it’ll be pure… real beekeepers hate that fake junk with the additives!  Buy local… most commercial food belongs in the garbage, NOT on your plate!)