Dominique, Chantecler and Silkie Chickens

Bud - Dominique cock
Partridge Chantecler Chicks
Taro - Bearded Buff Silkie cockerel


Heritage breeds are our first love, and our focus is on breeding Dominiques, Silkies and Narragansett turkeys to Standard for production and show. This year we are adding Partridge Chanteclers and Bantam Dominiques to our breeding program.

We raise Bearded/Non-bearded Buff and Bearded Blue/Splash Silkies for show, broodies and pets. Click the logo above to go to our Silkie site.

We also have a mixed egglayer/pet flock which includes Blue & Black Jersey Giants, Buff Orpingtons, Silver Laced Polish , as well as a few pet roosters. We also have a small gang of ducks who hang with the chickens: a pair of white Pekins, two call drakes, and a pair of Mallards. We also have two adorable button quail who live inside the house with Kramer the cockatiel.

Since we have sold our breeding flock of Jersey Giants, we no longer have any Giant chicks, eggs or adults available. We should have some Silkie chicks as well as Narragansett poults available sometime later in the year for pick up or delivery to area shows/swaps only. (Both currently have a waiting list. The earliest we would have any available is most likely in the Fall.)

Confessions of a Chick-a-holic
a poem by Lily Marie Plasse
Egg Incubation Chart
Download a free Excel spreadsheet file that has charts for hatching chicken & turkey eggs
(using the Dry Incubation method), and also includes a third chart for hatching duck eggs.


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If you are a new chicken owner or are thinking of getting chickens, here are some great websites that can help you out: - This website is the best stop on the web for getting great information. Visit their VERY active Message Boards to learn and ask questions, the Learning Center has info on everything from chicken facts, picking a breed, diseases, supplies, and much more. Even get some great ideas on building your perfect chicken coop!

Feathersite - The Poultry Page - Links and info on hatcheries, suppliers, clubs, and tons of awesome photos of almost every poultry breed you can think of! Great jumping off spot, and a great place to help you decide on what breeds you may like to get.

MyPetChicken - About Chickens - Chicken care guide, breed list & recommendation tool, incubation & hatching guide, and much more helpful info here.

Ideal Poultry - A very good hatchery that offers many breeds, and doesn't have a minimum chick requirement, just a $25 order minimum.

Cackle Hatchery - Another great hatchery for buying your chicks.

Murray McMurray Hatchery - This is the most popular hatchery for buying chicks. They offer a beautiful full color catalog with photographs of each breed of chick they offer.


Some of the major poultry clubs that are a great resource include the American Poultry Association, American Bantam Association, & APA-ABA Poultry Youth Program

Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities - An organization working to improve rare breeds of poultry and to encourage exhibition & breeding.


Here are a few recommended links to learn more about the breeds we raise:

The American Silkie Bantam Club - Great place to go for information and links about Silkie chickens. Great club to join if you're a silkie fancier!

Chantecler Fanciers International - A new club that was formed late 2007 to promote and preserve this great Canadian native!

Dominique Club of America - An organization devoted to America's oldest chicken breed.

New England Bantam Club - One of the oldest clubs devoted to bantam chickens and ducks. They hold two shows a year in Massachusetts, as well as poultry seminars.

New Hampshire Poultry Fanciers - Holds an annual show on the second Sunday of October at the Deerfield, NH Fairgrounds, and also is responsible for setting up and staffing the poultry section of the Deerfield Fair. (For more information on entering the Deerfield Fair, see their website at