Confessions of a Chick-a-holic
by Lily Marie Plasse

There's snow on the ground,
and the cold's still around.
But one day they arrive,
in threes and in fives.
The catalogs full of chooks,
even supplies, gifts and books!
Excitedly flippin' and pickin'
all the different chickens.
I'll get some Cochins and Orps,
Silkies, Marans... maybe Australorps.
And look at these Polish so silly,
and I just gotta have Millies!
The ring of the phone,
to the post office I'm going.
They've finally arrived,
all healthy and alive!
The lady at the PO,
smiles and says "here ya go!"
"This is the third time in two weeks,
you sure have lots of peeps!"
No sight could be cuter,
all the chicks in the brooder.
That's it! Can't have no more,
must get feed at the store.
Now at the counter with bucks,
what's that peeping, are those ducks?